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Why do some products cost more than others?

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

I was at the park the other day.. on a zoom call. This lady selling little peanuts came and asked if i wanted to look at what she’s selling. After a while, I put the phone on mute and said OK show me what you have.

She went through her different types of nuts, candies, pencils, etc. I told her I’ll take the mini bag of salted peanuts.

I asked “how much for it ?”

She said “$100”.

..My eyes nearly rolled out of my head. “UNJID DALLA!”

These peanuts are usually $30 JMD or so.

She started laughing, “ yes, it’s just because i bought it at a higher price so i have to sell it at that price.

I was like, “yes I understand that but ONE unjid dalla”

She was gracious & kept humoring me while i went on about how the price is soooo high.

She had great energy and had patiently waited for me so i told her i’m going to support her hustle.

She took her money and went on her way.

So many of us entrepreneurs are afraid to charge higher for our products/ services. I was like this too.

When you work overtime for a company and are underpaid, you will complain.

So why as a self employed person would you not pay yourself adequately?

This is just a funny example but it really shows that it’s up to the client to decide what is “too much” for them to spend.

Not you.

Price is NOT the only thing people consider when buying.

You should just state your price... (and make sure they’re getting more use value than the price they pay.)

No need to convince or persuade anyone.

I’m sure the lady was uncomfortable stating her price, but she did anyway. And guess what... I paid.

I paid because of HER, her personality, her approach, her hustle.

So many people are willing to buy into YOU and your unique spin on a solution.

Don’t let fear and imposter syndrome keep you undervaluing yourself.

You’ll be surprised how many people want what you provide.. and want YOU to give it to them, even at a higher price.

So what makes the one on the right cost more?

The person selling it... aka the branding experience around it.

If you need help pricing yourself in the high ticket, over $1000, Message me for tips on how.

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