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This is how you get clients, today!

If you're a creative entrepreneur, you know that one of the most daunting tasks in your business is finding new clients. If you're looking for ways to find more clients, then look no further! This strategy is exactly what you need.

It can be tough to market yourself and your business, but with the right actions and attitude, anything is possible. So don't give up, and keep at it! Trust me – it'll be worth it in the end. ;-)

The strategy is engage in more online conversations. I guarantee that you can get a client before the end of the day if you adopt this method.

1. Why online conversations is key to getting clients

Think about being at a networking event. There's lots of motivated people in room who are looking for help to get to the next level. The only thing required for you to get their business, is an introduction.

Online conversations work the same way. There's lots of online communities of people looking for a specific outcome. Engaging in those communities and having conversations will put you in a great position to meet your next client.

From experience, I know the one thing that holds back most people from attempting this method is confidence. Introducing yourself to a stranger online can be just as intimidating as doing it in person.

But I want you to think about the potential outcome here. Imagine knowing that your business success is only depending on you saying Hello, and you fail at it because of fear.

Don't let fear win. Your income goals is an arms length away, but you have to stretch yourself and push through the fear.

2. How to develop your engagement strategy

In order for this to be successful, you will have to develop an engagement strategy that answers these questions:

  1. Who are your dream clients?

  2. What groups are they in online?

  3. How many conversations do you need to meet your goal?

  4. What you will say to them?

The most important things who must know about your dream clients are their desires and their fears.

In other words, know what they are running from and what they are running towards.

This way you can position your service to be a solution for that particular problem using the language that they're familiar with.

Next you need to know where to find online.

Once you know what their fears and desires are you can easily find the groups they hang out in online by searching for pages, communities, accounts, influencers that target that fear/desire.

For example, if your audience is women who are looking for easy and quick vegan recipes, then you can use search terms like "vegan", "healthy-eating", "dinner recipes" in order to find the communities that are currently servicing your dream clients.

Make a list of atleast 10 places where your dream clients can be found.

Now you music know how many conversations are needed for you to get results.

Obviously not everyone you speak to will become your client, so you must have realistic numbers in your head of what to expect.

These numbers will come once you have more experience and data to calculate your conversions. 30 conversations is the typical number of conversations that a beginner will have to have in order to earn a client.

The great thing about doing this online is that you can have multiple conversations in the DMs at the same time.

Lastly, what will you say to them to get their attention.

Well, start with "Hi" and a compliment about what you admire about their page. This goes without saying, but be genuine and confident. Remember, people admire real, more than they do perfect.

Then let them know that you're looking to connect with people like them and are interested in more about what they do or why they're a part of that particular community.

You'll want to direct the conversation by asking questions that help you qualify them as your dream customer or not. Look out for any type of struggle that they're having that relates to your service. Lastly pivot the conversation to letting them know that you can help them and provide them with a scheduling link to speak more with you.

Be aware if the person you're speaking with is not the right fit and never force it.

3. Implementing your strategy

Once you have developed your strategy in Step 2. it's time to head online to find your dream client.

Visit the community, page, group, comments section, etc. that your dream clients hang out.

Now it's time to engage. Join in on the discussions that they're having, answer questions, and follow the ones that seem right. After they accept your friend request, send a message and begin the conversation.

I guarantee that you will have a client by the end of the day. If you do this daily, you can easily earn a 6 figure income with this strategy.

Of course there are other, less intense ways to get clients, but this method is perfect for beginners, easy to execute, and brings you immediate results.

It won't be easy and there'll be days you will have to motivate yourself, but just commit to one day at a time until you get into a flow.

If you need more help or motivation, consider scheduling a free call with me to work through it.

Conclusion paragraph: In this blog post, we explored the importance of online conversations and how to develop a strategy for your brand. We also provided tips on how you can implement these strategies in order to get your next client today. Online conversations are key for getting clients fast because they give you an opportunity to learn what prospects need and want—and how they think. Developing a strong engagement strategy is crucial in order to get results that stick. If all this sounds overwhelming or if you just don't have time (or resources) for such an undertaking on top of everything else on your plate, speak with one of our brand strategists today.

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