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This is how you build authority in your personal brand

Think about the influential people that you respect, trust, and follow. What is it about them that makes you listen to them. Their amazing personality? Storytelling abilities? Talents?

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that building authority in your personal brand is essential to people taking you seriously. It helps people to trust you so you can guide them to their own personal success.

But how do you go about doing that? It can seem daunting, especially if you think you need years of experience and social proof under your belt. But that's not true. In this post, I'll show you what it takes to build authority in your personal brand so you can get you can attract the right people to your brand!

Tell your story

One of the best ways to build trust and credibility is by showing some level of success about your topic... but telling that story.

It's important to show your audience that they can accomplish something because you did it. Simply tell them how it worked out! You'll be surprised at what people will listen eagerly towards when they hear someone speak from experience-- especially if said person has made mistakes and can be relatable to them. This makes any stories you tell worth believing because you're speaking from experience not just theory.

Stories help people connect with you. A success story helps people buy in to your offers because it will help them to get where you are.

You don't have to have years of experience

Don't discredit yourself by believing that you need years of experience or have to reach the height of your success to tell this story. You don't.

As long as you can showcase progress then people who are looking for help in that area will listen. To someone who has not reached where you are, you are an inspiration; and they will welcome any help in that direction.

So go ahead and tell the world what you've achieved so far. Let them know what you can offer them. Keep telling that story over and over until there's nobody left to inspire.

What if you don't have a success story?

First of all, yes you do. Everyone is good at something. Even if you don't see it as anything much, other people do.

Think about what others seem to like about you. What do you do naturally? What skills/talents have you succeeded with?

Whatever it is, make it a part of your story and others who aspire to do the same will be attracted to you. Ideally this should be related to your product or service. Telling this story should make people be curious about and want to purchase your offer.

Conclusion paragraph: A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs think that they need to have years of experience before building their personal authority. But this is not the case! You can start now by telling your own success story about the time you overcame a challenge or solved a problem with one of your products. Sharing these stories will help build trust in your brand as well as attract more potential buyers, customers, and partners. Speak with our team today for advice on how to use storytelling techniques like these effectively in marketing strategies for small businesses.

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