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The easiest marketing strategy to get you more clients.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Task of the Day: Join a community like Alchemist Nation.

By far the greatest return on a marketing strategy for me has been joining a community and building relationships.

It is the strategy that has brought me the greatest success in getting high quality and high paying clients.

Like most people, my business started out through referrals. People knew that I had experience in website, design, and photography and they would reach out to me for help.

But eventually business from referrals slowed down because I wasn’t spending time to meet new people.

One day, while researching about real estate, I accidentally came across the biggest gold mine to getting clients in my business.

Online Communities.

I went on MeetUp and joined the first community I came across to help me understand real estate and wealth.

After joining a few live calls, I decided to sign up for their mentorship program, which was $1000 at the time.. The most I had ever spent on anything at that time, which was nerve wrecking.

Nervously, I joined went through the program and learned so much. They had plenty free programs that I could have been a part of, but being in the mentorship allowed me into an inner circle that helped me to build relationships quicker.

Even though I didn't intentionally do this, nor did I know what would come of it... I recommend that you support and buy in to the offers and programs of the communities you join. It's a great way to build rapport.

After the program finished I continued to be a part of the community and landed my biggest web design project at the time from the leaders of the mentorship.

Since then, being a part of the community has brought me many clients.. all through Word of Mouth.

I’ve even gotten recurring clients on retainer and even larger 5 figure bids.

I’ve never had to directly solicit clients (even though there's nothing wrong with that)..They heard about the work that I’ve done for others in the community and asked me to do the same.

It's a very natural process that eliminates the nerves from a cold call, and will 100% get you great results.

Other factors that contributed to my success was being willing to help and taking time to nurture relationships.

Being introverted, I am not the most active person in the community but a little effort in relationship building brought BIG results. You can do it too!

Another factor that contributed to my success was the quality of people in the community. They are passionate, highly motivated, and carry positive energy. Not every potential client is good for your business, surround yourself with your dream clients.

A big part of being a dream client in high ticket services, is them being able to afford your service. The community that I joined was for wealth building and people committed to becoming a millionaire. There were several millionaires in the program and a lot of people who could actually afford to pay a ticket for my service.

These sorts of communities are all over the place and often call themselves Masterminds. I recommend the one that I am a part of: Alchemist Nation.

I highly recommend Alchemist Nation as a community to start networking in.

Other options include asking people you know to recommend ones you know or going on (like I did initially) and browsing online or local clubs.

I have no doubt that this task, if executed, will bring you great results. Excited to hear how it works out.

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