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The consultancy that works with early stage entrepreneurs with BIG IDEAS.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I grew up with parents who were straight hustlers. Attending Caribbean festivals selling jerk chicken, coconuts, and natural juices was one of our main hustles. My dad was the chef and my mother had her hand in everything. I worked sun up to sun down at these music festivals and learned so much about about work ethic and persistence. I remember the first time I earned $800 in one day. My mom set up a table for me where I sold fruits in a cup. I never knew that it’s possible to make so much money at once.

Making ends meet was a struggle; bills were often late & we lost our home in the 2008 recession. inspired the most valuable life lesson and set the stage for how this business came to be. My mother was a woman with incredible of vision & truly believed that anyone can achieve what they put their mind to. Over the years they started several business ventures like restaurants, selling health & beauty products and now financial products. They showed me that it's possible to turn a dream into reality, if just work hard enough at it.

It’s not a surprise that I’m so passionate about entrepreneurship. I love the idea of imagining what you want to see in the world manifesting through your efforts. I get so excited when I speak to entrepreneurs with passion. I want so badly for them to succeed, simply because they have drive for what they’re doing. It’s a very inspiring thing to witness and it reminds me of the the amazing power of being human.

And many years later, here I am creating KULTURE: an organization who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs to bring life to their ideas and execute their visions.

And many years later, here I am creating KULTURE: an organization who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs to bring life to their ideas and execute their visions.

I know firsthand the stress and amount of work it takes to get some thing off the ground. You have to wear multiple hats and do everything with little skilled help. I built KULTURE with my parents and so many entrepreneurs in mind. KULTURE alleviates the workload for entrepreneurs and works with them to solve problems in their business and for their audience.

After college, I joined the United States Peace Corps as a volunteer in Jamaica. I witnessed the struggle many community members went through to access to access resources like water, internet, and income. My experience stirred up the entrepreneur inside of me that just wanted to solve all these problems. But I knew I couldn’t do it for them. I saw my mom make amazing things happen through her drive and passion. I knew that if I could teach and inspire others to do the same, they’ll make things happen for themselves and communities.

These experiences inspired KULTURE's mission. I made it my personal mission to learn what it took to design solutions and garner support so I could teach others to do the same for themselves. I wanted to learn everything that I could about building a brand, and marketing solutions, and building an audience. With my skills in photography and design I started working with entrepreneurs to start the business and attract supporters. Through much studying & experience I developed an understanding of brand strategy and how that can be used to create compelling brands that people love and want to be a part of. As a result, Brand Development became the pillar of how KULTURE is helping entrepreneurs to bring life to their ideas.

But is KULTURE for every person with an idea? No.

KULTURE is for entrepreneurs with BIG IDEAS and a mission that extends far beyond themselves. It is for creative thinkers and doers who have the ability, through innovative thinking and artistic talents, to capture mass attention and impact lives. It is for people who are foolishly committed to change, especially when others doubt it and there doesn’t seem to be a way. KULTURE is the support that many early entrepreneurs are missing.

It will be an amazing journey and I want you to be a part of the ride.

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