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Still having trouble attracting people to your brand? Read this..

At some point in your brand building journey you really have to understand what makes you or your business special. And I mean like seriously think about it don't b******* yourself.

What are you really good at? How are you different from others in a meaningful way?

Separate what you wish you were good at or what you wish was special about you & think about it logically.

What are your natural talents? What are you naturally curious about? What is an attractive quality that people respond positively to?

The good news for you is that everyone has something special about them... you may not know or it may not translate into your business right now, but you do.

Your special qualities will be a combination of interests, passions, natural talents, and experiences you have. In order for your brand to stand out, these special qualities must come out in how you do business.

Bad news is that it is not easy to see and appreciate your specialties... the way that you probably can recognize it in others. When you first realize what it is, it can feel really awkward to acknowledge and own it because it’s so common to you and of course not everyone walks around with the confidence of Kanye.

It takes a bit of time to build up and own what makes you so great. I am pretty sure Beyonce didn't always recognize she’s one of the most talented singers, dancers, performers of all time, though that’s my opinion. It took practice and development of her talent.. and I'm sure also it helped to have the validation of others. But ultimately it would have required her to just own it. And be confident in her talents and uniqueness.

If you don't know what that specialty, aka point of difference, is and wear it confidently, your people, your tribe will have a hard time finding you. They won't know why they should choose you, your brand, youtube channel or your product over others.

You can orchestrate this point of difference and try to sell it. You can literally say okay I'm going to create a brand that is all about aliens and space and the Galaxy... because no one else is doing it... and this will make my brand special. Or i’m gona pick up a new hobby because it’ll make me seem cool. But how long do you think you can sustain it if you really don't have any interest in that thing?

It's a very hard thing to confidently do something that you know within yourself is utter b*******. The easy route is to just go with what already is your natural passions and curiosities and talents.

Apple isn't as successful as it is because Steve Jobs was just trying to do something different. That man was passionate and he really believed in the future of personal and easy-to-use technology at a time when most people didn’t own a laptop.

So how do you pull out what makes you or your brand special? Well you start to ask yourself some questions.

  1. What am I or my team good at?

  2. What do I value more than anything else?

  3. What do others like about me or the product/my brand? Or what benefits do I provide?

  4. What emotion or experience do I want to spread? Like fun, comfort, feeling sexy, or having a luxurious experience

  5. What group of people do I think is overlooked?

  6. What do other businesses not pay enough attention to? Do you think they overlook people’s safety, the health of the environment, people’s privacy, etc.

Once you answer these questions: It’ll be likely that there’ll be multiple things that are special about you. But narrow down one thing that you and others think is the most compelling. This is ONE thing that you will be known for.

This is something you’ll focus every aspect of your business around. It could simply be that you make people happy, or you’re the most talented entertainer, that you provide the safest alternative. Whatever it is. Make sure that you can own it and feel good about what you’re putting out there.

Always believe in and be confident about that thing that makes you stand out. Be confident in the value you’re providing. Then let others know about it. The right people will be attracted to you and they’ll stick around for more. Let me know in the comments what you come up with. Can’t wait to read them.

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