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STEP 4: Get to know your Target Audience

KULTURE Dream Customer Worksheet

Despite constantly being told by coaches/experts that we need to understand our dream customer.... Very few entrepreneurs actually understand HOW to get to know them?

This post will teach you HOW, Step by Step.

But just a refresher for those who thinks it’s okay to skip this step... here are some reasons why you need to be researching your audience.

The main reason is because you’ll be more successful at marketing your product because you’ll know exactly where to find your customer, what to say, and what to offer them to get them to choose you over the alternative.

This research will help you to answer the follow questions (and so much more):

1. What content works for them?

2. What persona characteristics are attractive to them?

3. What messages resonates with them?

4. What platforms are they on?

5. Who has their attention, & who to collaborate with?

6. What they are like? What do they like? What they struggle with?

So let’s get into how to do this sort of research... It’s actually pretty easy but can be time consuming, so set aside time to this or get someone to do it for you.

We’ll consider 3 different types of digital platforms you can find your audience:

1. Social Media

2. Search Engines

3. Lists you own

🌟 On Social Media, (IG, FB, TikTok, digital publications, and influencers)

1. Start with one platform and search for hashtags, keywords, popular accounts related to your industry

2. Use the *Dream Customer Worksheet* to write down the names of influencers, groups, pages, etc. that comes up

3. Subscribe and Follow the pages and accounts you come across

4. Follow their followers (make sure you have a good profile photo, bio, and feed)

5. Observe who follows you back, use worksheet to jot down notes related to their lifestyle, demographics, personality, how they communicate, etc.

On search engines (Reddit, Google Search, YouTube)

🌟 Search Engines

1. Type keywords, questions, problems related to your industry (try to think what your customer would search for)

2. Use worksheet to jot down keywords and suggested search terms

3. Use worksheet to jot down the problems people express they’re having, words they use, & questions they ask

🌟 Lists you own (people who already bought from you, website email list, phone numbers you have)

1. Send people an email/text and offer an incentive to answer your questions

2. Call them them about their day, what they struggle with, what they’re working towards, etc.

3. Use worksheet to jot down their responses

Take several months to do this research and don’t be hasty to draw conclusions about who your BEST FIT customer is and the best ways to reach them. Start with assumptions but end with evidence. Let research draw the conclusions.

After you have spend some time doing this research, you can pull out patterns from your research and know for how to narrow in and be more niche.


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