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STEP 2: The RIGHT way to set goals

Resources: Setting Goals Worksheet

Setting goals helps you to be clear and focused. Every decision you make should consider if this action will bring you closer or further from your goal. It should be much easier to set priorities and eliminate activities that waste your time.

I want to convince you to write down your goal, post it somewhere you’ll see it, and read it with excitement daily!

When you take the time to write down your goal, you are setting a clear intention behind it.

You subconsciously begin to direct all your effort and energy is towards that one thing.

Especially if you are reading it with excitement everyday, you’ll start to increase your desire and prioritize it more.

There are three main components to a SOLID goal statement.

It must be:

  • Specific to quality and quantity

  • Time Bound

  • Backed by action

To make your goal more specific, answer these questions.

- How does it look? Or How much ?

- When do you want to achieve it?

- What will you do to get it? (or What will you give to others to get what you want?)

Answer these questions:

  1. What you want... Specify the quantity and/or qualities of what you want

Be very specific here. Specify the quantity. How much money do you want? How much product sales? How many followers?

Also mention the qualities you’re looking for. Where do you want your office to be? Who are the people or types of people you want around?

You need to have a clear picture of what you’re working towards. Just like your vision, vague goals and ideas won’t provide the focus and clarity you need to persist through the process of growing your brand.

  1. When do you want it?

Have a specific goal in mind. Deadlines provide healthy pressure and motivation. Keep it realistic by researching what others in your industry have been able to accomplish on average.

  1. What will you do or give to others to get what you want?

You must receive to achieve your desires in relation to the effort and value you provide. If you can provide immense value, solve BIG problems, put in a lot of time, and invest a great deal in your development, then you can expect results in exponential relation to what you put out.

  1. Use this template to write your goal statement

By *DATE*, I will have *SPECIFIC GOAL*. I will dedicate *WHAT WILL YOU DO* In exchange for this, I will *WHAT YOU WILL GIVE*.

  • You can even add some affirmations to make it more exciting. -

I will work to the best of my ability, with fairness, passion and energy. My faith is so strong that I can see my goal before my eyes. I can touch it with my hands. It is delivered to me in direct proportion to the service I deliver. I see it. I feel it. I know it.


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