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STEP 1: Clarify your Vision

Resources: Clarify your vision Worksheet

Clarify your Vision
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What is it that you truly want? Like truly truly truly want?

The reality is a lot of things we think we want, sound like a great idea until we actually try it. Then we end up changing our minds because all of a sudden it doesn’t feel so great or fun, or it’s too much work.

If any of this sounds familiar then you’re in the right place. I can speak to this because I’ve been here again and again. I realize that the reason why is because I haven't truly gotten to the root of what I want to create and why it’s important to me to create it.

So I’ve narrowed down some key questions that help me to clarify what I want.

This worksheet will help you to clarify your vision so you can avoid the endless cycle of unawareness. Get deep on these questions. You’re going to likely spend the rest of your life on this business, make sure you feel excited about the path you’re going to take.

At the end of this post you will have a clear picture of what you are working towards.

Answer these questions:

What do you want?

Be very specific here. Is it just simply money that you truly want? Does passion matter to you? How do you wanna spend your time?

Most people don’t get to their goal because they don’t enjoy the process and the goal isn’t important enough to them. Don't end up wasting your time because you didn’t take the time to understand what you truly want.

Why do you want it?

If you don’t have a strong enough reason why are you doing this then you’ve lost before you even started. Don’t let anyone judge your why. Whatever you choose is fine, just make sure that this feels compelling enough to you. Ask yourself why seven times to get deeper and deeper into your true purpose.

What does it look like?

Next, I want you to picture what it looks like. Visualize it.

It’s OK if this is just a big picture and it’s not properly fleshed out. Just consider the ideal image of yourself working towards your goal. What does it look like? Where are you? Who are the people around you? How do you feel?

Visualize all those things and start to feel how you plan to feel when you get it.

List out all the pieces and steps

Now we’re gonna break it down and get to the nitty-gritty. What are some tasks that need to be completed? You may have lots of ideas for your business. Jot them down, get them out your head.

Make a Decision

Now comes the most important part. This is the part that all successful people get correct. They make a decision and stick with it. Your task is to pick an item on that list of pieces that you broke down for your idea.

Select the one that seems most exciting for you right now or is the most low hanging fruit. Start with that piece. You’re going to work on getting just this piece correct. Work towards that and that ONLY. Everything else on your list will get done one at a time. But you’ve got to start practicing the art of FOCUS.


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