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Question: Can you say what you do in one clear, coherent sentence?

If not, keep reading.

Not being able to clearly explain what you do can be a huge deal breaker when talking to potential clients, investors, or even sponsors.

People need to understand what you do, but more importantly they need to feel like you know what you're doing. And the biggest way to mess that up is to fumble your words while explaining your brand and it's value.

I know it's hard to clearly articulate this because I've struggled with this for years.

This can be so hard because you have so many ideas, so much you want to do, and your vision for your brand is so grand, you don't want to leave anything out.

But we have to pace ourselves and look at the NOW, just for second, for the sake of clarity.

What do you do (or can reasonably do) NOW?

Who do you do it for NOW?

How are you improving things for people who interact with you NOW?

Right now, I am writing this post, for entrepreneurs, to be able to clearly articulate what their business does so they don't lose people's interest when they're explaining their business.

I could talk about about my grand goals to make KULTURE into hub for diverse creative assets and templates, and a resource for creative entrepreneurs to grow and scale their brand, and publishing agency for more diverse stories, books, and films, etc.

But right here, right now, I am doing something very specific, for a specific audience, and they will get a very specific result.

It makes it really clear for people to understand you, what you do, AND know right away what you're going to do for them.

This template will help you to articulate your business clearly.

"I [what you do] for [dream customer] so they can [what they desire]."

There's an alternate version that you can try also:

"I help [dream customer] [what they desire] without [something else they desire]."

Write your statement in the comments and tell everyone what you do !

Go update your bio on all social platforms so people can easily identify you!

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