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How you're stifling your brand's growth.

One way entrepreneurs stifle their brand's growth is through changing directions every minute.

I experience this with my Brand Development clients... and have been guilty too.

Yesterday, you're excited about selling your new organic product...

Today, you want to shift into the Empowerment T-shirt business.

OR, yesterday you're pumped up and ready to create YT videos

Today, you think "it's probably better if I just write blogs"

I've been here... so I say this with deep love and compassion...

How do you think your audience feels watching this?

Probably... Confused.

It's okay to experiment and take time to figure out what works for you, but at some point you have to make a decision & stick with it.

Here’s the issue.

You can't make significant progress, if you're changing directions every minute.

I'll never advise you to stick with something that's not the right fit.... but just use time and experience to determine this.. not thoughts & feelings.

Trying to get things RIGHT is sending you in circles.. ask me how I know 🙄

The only way to know what (idea, message, brand identity) is the right direction is to test it with your audience.

BTW, starting over is necessary at times... and there's no shame in this.

But only after you've given your ideas a fighting chance.

So, how do you know when to change directions? Consider this.

  1. Have you given your original idea enough time to catch on?

  2. Have you given it ALL the effort it requires?

  3. Have you tested it with enough of the "right people" to know if enough people like it or not?

If you've answered NO to any, then give it some more time & effort.

There’s a challenge with this though.

Sometimes fear and overthinking gets to you. And you can't process your thoughts with clarity.

The best solution is to speak with someone who can recognize these patterns and validate that you are in fact on the right path... OR help you pivot to get more impactful results.

If you’re interested in working with a brand strategist to help you GET ON (and STAY ON) the right path to developing your brand, schedule a call today.

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