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How to find your customers online

Entrepreneurs are still having trouble finding clients for their business.

It’s stressful to have to worry when the next client/customer will come in. But you don’t have to because there’s easy ways to solve this problem.

Everyone skips the strategy phase when starting their business. But it is so important because it can help you to save time, gain clarity, and take the guesswork out of everything that you do. Dream Customer research is a major part of the Strategy of your business.

The advantages of this research is knowing:

1. How to speak to your audience in a way that they resonate with

2. who is serving your audience already and what you can learn from them

3. Where to network, place your ads, and find clients.

4. Take the guesswork out of creating content /Marketing peices

So take this hypothetical business to help illustrate this example:

⚠️ a safety conscious swimsuit brand

Let’s say their dream customer is mothers - who are concerned with child safety while swimming.

Now let’s find where these women hang out online.

- Which websites do they visit

- which influencers do they follow

- what email list are they a part of, etc.

We’re going to do a quick search to see what we find.

We’ll use the major search and social platforms to start our research.







Now we’ll go search

- Pages

- Groups

- Accounts

- Keywords

- Channels

- Email Lists

- SubReddits

Type in keywords like

- mothers

- working mothers

- adventurous mothers

- mothers who love swimming/swimwear

- pregnant mothers

- child swimming

Consider each platform and they way people use it:

Ex. On search platforms like Google and YouTube, try to think from the perspective of your client. What would they type in ?

Use the suggested keywords in the dropdown as a guide.

Write down all the relevant pages/accounts. Then follow/subscribe to all those accounts.


- study how these pages talk to them and learn from what is working

- engage in the comments of those accounts

- message people and build relationships

- offer help and solve a problem

- create valuable content for them

- collab with the influencers they’re subscribed to

- guest post on blogs they read

- Create offers for them

- Place ads on these pages

Not only does this process tell you where your customers are but it also helps you decide:

1. What to post/how to speak to your audience

2. What content/offers work for your audience

3. Which accounts to collab with

4. Which accounts to target for your ads

5. Where to engage and build relationships

Download the KULTURE dream customer worksheet to jot down the results of your research.

Link in Bio.

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