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Don’t just create a website!

A major part of Branding is designing experiences that influence the ideas and feelings your dream customers have about your business.

The better your dream customers think and feel about you, the easier it is to turn them into a customer, increase their loyalty, and the more they'll tell others about you (aka free marketing!)

In order to shape your customer's thoughts and feelings, you must consider the holistic brand experience that you want to provide them.

Though you cannot fully control what they think about you, you can influence it based how you present yourself. So you've got to make sure that you're communicating the right ideas in every piece of communication you put out.

Consider your customer's journey from "Stranger" to "Subscriber" to "Customer" to "Recurring Customer".

What are all the points of interaction that they have with your business and marketing efforts?

Consider what experience you want them to have? How can you improve? Which sensations can you stimulate?

Don't just create a website, or make an ad... etc.

Design an entire experience for every opportunity you get to interact with your customer.

Dedicating some time over the next few weeks to help anyone who needs help to design a winning experience for their customers.

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