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Designing a Unique Style for your brand

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Showing you guys my mood board process for designing a unique style for a brand.

I’ve come such a far way.. I love doing these.

Developing a brand’s identity is like creating a person from scratch. Like a person, a brand can have certain attributes like a style, personality, tone of voice, and essence about them that is very unique. I’ll use this made up fashion brand to show how you can start to create a unique style for your brand through mood boards.

The attributes I chose are:

Tropical Flowy Bohemian Mature Earthy Warm Creative Motherly Handmade Cultured

Usually you want to select about 20 then narrow them down to about three.

Then you can start to source images on Pinterest, Dribbbl, Behance, Google Images, etc.

Consider images of people, textures, places, patterns, logos, illustrations, aspirational brands, etc.

Be selective about the images and how they fit together within the collage.

Arrange the images into an organized mood board.

Your mood board will be used to create a full Brand Guide that you can reference for any branding decision you make.

Keep in mind, there are other aspects to your brand that aren’t visual, like target audience, personality, message, etc. that should also go in your guide. I’ll cover those in a future post.

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