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A new system to help you build consistency

It’s a very hard thing as an entrepreneur when you realize everything that needs to get done in order for your business to be successful.

The tasks gets overwhelming as you there’s so many pieces that you have to piece together to make it work.

I got trapped in this web of activities much earlier this year. Overwhelmed at everything that I needed to get done in my business. I was caught in analysis paralysis because the thoughts and the worrying never stopped. New ideas kept springing up before I could complete old the ones.

I desperately needed a way to get everything out of my head and just get shit done.

For some reason I’m driven by challenges. I needed a way to turn this web of thoughts, tasks, and ideas into a game that I play every day to make getting through this web a bit more bearable.

And so then came to sticky notes.

I wrote down everything that I needed to do individually on a pile of sticky notes. I folded each note and put it in a bowl.

I told myself just pick one and focus on that alone. Whatever I picked, I had to complete it... despite whether I felt like doing it at the time or not. That was the only rule to this game, anything I randomly selected I had to focus on it and it alone until it was complete.

I closed my eyes and picked one... I worked until it was complete then picked another. Within no time, I was seven sticky notes down, and my bowl of tasks got smaller and smaller.

One thing I realized while doing this, is that I felt really really good. Not only was my list getting smaller but I got satisfaction from the growing pile of completed tasks as sticky notes piled up and got thrown out. I felt so accomplished and happy knowing I was actually getting shit done.

The crazy thing is the momentum just kept building and building; and my productivity was way up. I only wanted to keep going because my body felt rewarded to keep working.

I had successfully gamified my todo list. I felt excited to pull new tasks because of the excitement of not knowing what task I get to work on next. When I picked something I didn't feel like doing, I remembered the rules, and didn't give myself an option but to do it anyway. I VERY quickly got over the feeling of not wanting to do it, once I got started.

The experience of getting things done way less stressful because I took the overthinking out of it. I stopped overanalyzing every task. I put myself in action mode by focusing on the only goal: completing the activity. This experience allowed me to focus my energy on one thing at a time so instead of feeling depleted, it actually made me feel energized.

The biggest benefit of it all was a major improvement to my consistency. Thinking less and getting more done, allowed me follow through on a lot of the commitments I made.

I finally understood how to build consistency and discipline, and the answer isn't motivation or tireless effort. The answer was in a simple and fun system.

Developing the right system can get you in the groove to do just about anything.

No need to convince yourself, no need to put in all this mental effort to overcome old habits. Create the right system and you'll develop new patterns that eventually become as natural as your old habits.

I decided to turn this system into a product so others could benefit from. Feel free to start out with a set of sticky notes... but if you would like a more inspiring product, that is reusable and adds a bit more vibrance to your workspace. Stay up to date on when we launch KULTURE's Consistency Cards.

I’m documenting the journey of developing these cards from conception, to development to fulfillment. If you're interested in following this journey's feel free to follow along to learn how this new product is designed to help you with consistency.

Progress videos are posted on my

. As well as this blog. Subscribe to be the first to get this product when it launches.

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